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Want To "See" Patients Without Seeing Them? Here's How That Works

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Technology pervades every corner of people's lives now. Most of the time, it is for the better, and once in a while for the worse. However, in the area of medicine, it just keeps getting better and better. Now patients can video-call doctors to see what they should do about illnesses and/or injuries. Doctors can see what is going on, and either advise patients to visit the clinic or a hospital if the situation looks really bad. Here is how that works. 

Medical Clinic Phone System Installation Services

Get in touch with a company that provides telecommuter communications services. This is the company that can provide you with the video-chat services that will take your clinic into the next century with high-tech patient-doctor interfacing. They will wire your clinic with cables, WiFi, and phone lines needed to transfer calls to video screens. It will take a day or two to get it all set up, but if your clinic is closed on Saturdays, you might be able to get all of this accomplished on that day. Otherwise, you may have to close the clinic for one day (probably a Friday) to get everything installed and working properly. It will be weird at first, talking to patients over a viewing screen, but with time it will seem quite normal and ordinary. 

When the System Is in Operation

Calls will come in over an internet or digital connection. The calls are then transferred to a viewing screen device that is very similar to a tablet computer. As the doctor or nurse answering the call, you will tap on the button that opens the visual screen. You will be able to see the patient, and the patient will be able to see you.

You can begin the process of asking the patient what the problem seems to be, any signs or symptoms he/she feels (or a child feels, if it is a parent calling), and even be able to take a screen shot of an injury if the patient is calling about that. A general assessment is made, with the advice of whether or not the patient needs to be seen in person at a clinic or hospital. Then you prescribe treatment or a medication for the patient to pick up, and that is it. That is how a long-distance video patient-doctor call is conducted, and it reduces a lot of travel time for the patient and in-office congestion for your clinic. 

For more ideas of Medical Clinic Phone System Installation Services, check out professionals in your area.