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Etiquette For Using Your New Business Paging System

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Do you want to have a paging system installed at your business? If so, this opens up a possibility for the system to be used incorrectly by employees. While paging can be very handy to get the attention of people that are not near a phone, it requires that you use some etiquette to ensure that everyone is using the system correctly. Here are some tips to follow:

Try Calling First

While it may be tempting to go directly to using the paging system, it can become annoying for people to constantly use it when paging is not necessary. It is best to encourage employees to try calling first before they page. Reach out to their local office phone to see if they are there; if not, then use the paging system. It will help avoid plenty of pages throughout the day that are not necessary.

Repeat Your Message

The person you are trying to page may not have their full attention on what is being said over the speaker when you start talking. That's why it is good to get in the habit of repeating your message so that the person has a chance to understand what you are saying and respond appropriately. For example, if they were wearing headphones at the time, it gives them a moment to take them off and hear the repeated message in full.

Address The Person Being Paged

While it may seem obvious, you need to address the person that is being paged. It may be best to use last names if you have multiple people in the office with the same first name, which will help avoid any confusion.

Give Call-Back Instructions

If you are paging someone in your building, then chances are likely that they are not near a phone and don't know all of the extension numbers. It is a good idea to always give the extension number that you can be reached at, or give instructions for which room they should go to. This can help avoid an unnecessary call if the instructions are simple.

Indicate The Urgency

Some pages are going to be more urgent than others, which is why it helps indicate how urgent your message is. Does the person need to respond as soon as possible, or can they do it at their earliest convenience? Let the person know so they can respond appropriately.

When you put all these tips together, you'll end up with a paging system that is used appropriately by all of your employees. For more information, you can contact companies like DO Communications.