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Common Ways Iphones Get Damaged

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Most people get an iPhone because they want to use their phone for much more than simply making and receiving phone calls, although this is one important reason for any phone. However, those who choose iPhones tend to want to use the iPhone for many other things. Some of these things include using iPhone's superior camera, texting, playing games, downloading apps, using reliable GPS, and editing photos. The fact that so many people use their iPhones so often increases the chances of a good number of those iPhone screens breaking or being damaged in other ways. Here are some of the most common ways iPhone screens get broken and other information you may find to be relevant and helpful.

Ways iPhones get water damage – Phones of today, including iPhones, are designed to stand up to water better than phones of the past. However, when exposed to water on a more serious level, the iPhone can get damaged due to the water and either need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the more common ways iPhones get water damaged include:

  • Toddlers and toilets
  • Going overboard when on a boat
  • Forgetting the iPhone is in the pocket when jumping in water
  • Washing the phone

Ways iPhones get damaged internally – While iPhones tend to take more abuse today than phones of yesteryear, there is only so much damage an iPhone can take. When the iPhone is put under too much physical stress or takes on blunt force, the phone can end up having damage on the inside that can lead to the need for the phone to be repaired or even needing to be replaced due to serious damage. Here are some of the ways iPhones can get broken:

  • Dropping the iPhone on a hard surface
  • Running over the phone
  • Leaving the phone in direct sunlight on a very hot day for too long
  • Throwing the phone out of anger

Ways iPhone screens get broken – Something that tends to happen to a lot of phones, including iPhones is the screens getting broken. The screens are designed a certain way that allows the iPhones to be controlled as touchscreens. Therefore, the screens can only be so durable. Here are some of the most common ways that iPhone screens get broken:

  • Dropping the phone on its face
  • Pressing on the screen excessively hard
  • Setting something heavy on the screen
  • Sitting down on the phone when sitting on a hard surface

If you should break the screen on your iPhone, you will be glad to know that the screen can be repaired without needing to replace the entire phone with iPhone screen repair services.