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3 Benefits of Working with a 24-Hour Answering Service for Your Small Business

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When you run a small business, you have a lot you have to handle. Answering the phone every time that it rings may not be something that you can handle on your own. That is where working with a 24-hour answering service comes in. An answering service is more than a means of taking messages, it is a means of connecting with your customers and providing them with the best possible service.

#1: Make a Great First Impression

If a customer calls your business line, and the phone just rings and rings, or the phone just rings and then sends them to an answering machine, most customers are not going to chalk that up as a good experience. Many people don't enjoy leaving voice mail messages and get turned off when no one answers the phone.

With 24-hour answering service, there will always be someone to answer the phone, no matter when someone is making the phone call. You will be able to make a great first impression on every customer that calls by ensuring that every customer talks to a real person when they call your business.

#2: Increase Leads for Products and Services

With 24-hour answering service, the customer service agent who answers your calls is going to do more than just write down a message. They can share information about your products and services, and in doing so, help to generate a lead that you can follow up with. They can share basic information about products and services, based on the questions that a customer asks, and get the customers' information so that you can follow through with them and generate a sale or service contract.

#3: Free Up Staff Time

Managing the phones can be a full-time job. When you use a 24-hour answering service, you will be able to take care of answering the phone without paying someone a full salary to do so. You can free up staff time so that your employees can focus their time on the skills that they bring to the business that help it the most. You can use the information the answering services collect to make sure the time your employees send on the phone is as productive as possible.

An answering service can help your small business provide better service to your customers. Working with an answering service will allow you to connect with every customer who calls, which will help you build your small business. Answering the phones makes an impression on clients, and having an answering service can help you make the best possible impression on your clients.

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