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Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Systems Are All About Security

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Security is important; even when it comes to a video surveillance system. However, with a growing number of threats targeting cloud-based systems, it's natural to have some level of skepticism about the security of these systems. Rest assured that these surveillance systems are designed with protection in mind.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is a key security feature that cloud-based surveillance systems rely on. Data encryption is a process in which the information from the surveillance data of your system is encoded. This encryption feature works for both surveillance data that is being transmitted across your network as well as data that is being stored. As a result, in the event someone is able to penetrate your system and retrieve the information, they will be unable to decode it, which means that they won't be able to view it. 

Remote Access

Cloud-based systems are especially secure because they operate with remote access. With traditional surveillance systems, video footage is generally kept on-site on a server, or another hardware system. In the event of an intrusion, it's fairly easy for someone to take these devices and attempt to hack them and retrieve the footage. Cloud-based systems operate with remote access, which means the surveillance footage is only accessible via a secured network connection. Even in the event of a physical intrusion, your footage will not be accessible. 

Security Patches

Surveillance systems generally come equipped with security software that is tested for and on par with the current security threats. However, some people often have concerns about security software's ability to withstand future, more aggressive attacks. Remember, surveillance systems often provide you with the option to upgrade your software with security patches as new threats arise. As long as you download and install these patches, your system will stay up to date against threats.

Owner Responsibility

It's important to note that you also play a role in the overall security of your surveillance system. The most important thing for owners to do is to ensure they have a secured network to operate the camera system on. From data encryption to security patches, these features are most effective when they are paired with a secured network. If your network's security is not up to date, you will expose your camera system to attacks, so ensure you keep network security a priority.

With a cloud-based security video surveillance system, you can keep your property more secure in many ways. Install one of these units to experience this level of protection.