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Why You Should Switch From A Traditional Business Phone To A Cloud PBX

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With more people cutting the cord, your business phone system should step into the modern age. One way to transition from a traditional business phone is to adopt a cloud PBX. This cloud-based phone system has more features than your business phone and can take your business to the next level.


Cloud PBX makes it easy to scale your business phone system. Traditionally, as your business grows and you need more phone lines or features, the upfront investment is costly. Not only do you need to call a technician and schedule an appointment, but it is not always easy to install new phone lines where you need them. In addition to the wiring and scaling of your phone system, you will need more equipment. Using a cloud-based system eliminates the hassle of waiting for a technician to install new lines and the headaches associated with complicated installations. Additionally, it is not necessary to purchase phones for your system, since communication can be handled through your computer, if you desire.

More Features

The standard business phone system is only designed for voice communication. You may also choose to have another line for a fax machine. Beyond these features, there are few benefits to this phone system. With a cloud-based system, you have many forms of communication at your fingertips. In addition to voice calling and features commonly associated with voice communication, such as voicemail, the same system can be used for text messaging and video conferencing. If you can imagine all the types of software used today for online communications, such as two-way interactive video and live chat, these are all features that can be found in a cloud-based PBX. Since you have many features in a single platform, you can make the most out of your business Internet connection.

Any Device

Just as the features of cloud PBX are flexible, so are the devices you can use. If you want a traditional phone for your business, you can use compatible phones, but it is more convenient to avoid the phone altogether. People in your business who are sitting at the computer can use a wireless headset to make and receive calls through the computer. The cloud PBX system can be used on mobile devices, so, whether you or your employees are at home or on the road, your company can use the system, as long as they have a data connection. Not only does flexibility mean you can run your business from almost anywhere, it also means your business communications take up less physical space.

With the many benefits of adopting a cloud PBX system, there is little reason to stick with the traditional business phone. Not only is a cloud-based system more versatile, it is easy to upgrade the system as your needs change. Contact a company like Integral Choice for more information.